Kate Amato Foundation Research Grants


Grants will be awarded to promote and support innovative research into nontoxic pediatric cancer treatments. We recognize that funding is limited for high risk/high reward initiatives and we are committed to providing researchers with the resources to:

  • Better understand the unique genetics and molecular biology of child cancer subtypes.
  • Develop novel, targeted, nontoxic therapies for childhood cancers.


Applications should focus solely on pediatric cancer research, not adult cancer research with the hope of some overlap. Persons of all academic rank are eligible. We believe that young investigators bring fresh ideas to existing research problems and help pioneer new areas of investigation.


Initial grant awards will range in size, from $20K-50K, for pre-clinical laboratory trials. Money can be used for equipment, supplies and up to 10% for institutional indirect costs. No funds may be used for salary support.  As the Foundation grows, grant awards will increase in size to provide sufficient funding for human clinical trials. 


A narrow focus of study is preferred.  Applications should be made in a basic NIH R21 format and include:

  • Lay Summary page
  • Abstract page
  • Research Strategy – 3-page limit of text and images including:
    • Specific Aims
    • Background & Significance
    • Preliminary Data
    • Approach
    • Potential problems and alternative strategies
  • Bio-sketch (3-5 pages)
  • Other current funding
  • Supporting research/publications for your proposal
  • Resources at your disposal (facility, lab, computers, personnel, etc.)
  • Budget Justification

Selection Criteria

All basic and clinical research into childhood cancers will be considered with priority given to innovative ideas, even those representing a new direction for the research team. Applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board with recommendations presented to the Board of Directors.

Terms and Conditions

The highest scientific and ethical standards for responsible conduct of research are expected by the Foundation. Upon request, written summaries of the research progress will be provided by the award recipients to the Kate Amato Foundation.